The Metro: Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network expands services for children

The health care safety net organization is working to tackle mental health issues among local youth by expanding its mobile crisis unit program.

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network is a health care safety net organization working to improve health outcomes in metro Detroit.

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network is a health care safety net organization working to improve health outcomes in metro Detroit.

Young people are struggling with their mental health more than ever before. Research shows that depression, self-harm and suicide have trended upward over the past few decades among adolescents. 

Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN), a local health care safety net organization, is working to tackle mental health issues among area youth.

Last month the organization rolled out its second phase of the mobile crisis units by expanding services to children. They also created their own Mental Health Youth Council to allow young people to help come up with solutions for the mental health issues their peers are facing.

Eric Doeh, president and CEO of DWIHN, joined The Metro on Tuesday to discuss the work the agency is doing and why they’re expanding its support services to adolescents.

“We decided as a signature program, we would make it simple by putting children first. And what that meant was in everything that we did, every endeavor, our goal was to make sure that kids were put first,” Doeh said. “So whether it meant expanding resources, you know, providing, you know, additional dollars for our provider network, working with other partners within our community, and working closely with our parents, to creating youth councils within [the network] was also important.

“It became not just a mantra, but something that our board encouraged us to push forward with and we saw great results because of that.” 

Hear the full interview with Eric Doeh by using the web player above.

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