Created Equal: Detroit-native Tonya Mosley discusses new podcast, ‘She Has a Name’

Tonya Mosley joins Stephen Henderson to talk about her new podcast, “She Has a Name.”

Tonya Mosley is the host of She Has a Name and the co-hots of Fresh Air.

“Unknown Woman 1987”

Set against the backdrop of the drug epidemic in 1980s Detroit, She Has A Name is a story of loss and redemption, mending broken family ties, and facing the trauma experienced by countless individuals who’ve lost loved ones to violence.

Host Tonya Mosley has spent most of her career sharing other people’s truths. In this gripping series, Tonya now shares elements of her family’s story.

In the summer of 1987, Tonya’s sister Anita disappeared without a trace. It took 33 years of searching and her son’s DNA to connect Anita to a grave just outside of Detroit. But finding her remains is just the beginning of the story: Anita was murdered.

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  • Tonya Mosley, host and co-producer of She Has a Name. Co-host of Fresh Air and owner of TMI Productions
  • Antonio Wiley, co-producer of She Has a Name

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