The Metro: Detroit nonprofit newsrooms providing budget hearing breakdown

Detroit City Council has 46 budget hearings scheduled this month, which for the average person, can be difficult to keep up with.

Downtown Detroit Coleman A Young Municipal Center.

Downtown Detroit Coleman A Young Municipal Center.

Budget hearings provide insight into the critical functions of city departments. This month alone, Detroit City Council has 46 budget hearings scheduled.

These can sometimes slip under the radar, but BridgeDetroit has partnered with Detroit Documenters and Outlier Media to cover the hundreds of hours of testimony occurring at these meetings. 

Malachi Barrett, a reporter for BridgeDetroit, joined The Metro on Monday to talk about what’s happening in city council and what we’ve learned from the hearings so far.

Barrett says it’s a challenge for one reporter to cover all the meetings, let alone for a resident to understand what’s going on at all of them. Reporters provide a breakdown of each meeting, what’s new to the department this year and things to watch. 

“If I can say this, they’re like Pokemon cards showing the stats and special abilities of each city department,” Barrett said. 

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Editor’s note: Story has been updated with the correction that BridgeDetroit has partnered with Detroit Documenters and Outlier Media.

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