Created Equal: Why haven’t we elected a woman president yet?

Ali Vitali, Capitol hill correspondent for NBC News, joined Stephen Henderson in 2022 to discuss why the U.S. hasn’t had a woman president.

Although women participate in politics at much higher rates than they did decades ago, America’s politics are still far from a state of gender parity.

We’ve had women run for president several times — and in increasing numbers — but our politics are still so male-dominated that no woman has ever been elected to the nation’s highest office. 

There are many double standards that flood our politics. Woman politicians are often not allowed to be angry, are not allowed to cry and are not allowed to show a range of emotion that men in similar spaces are almost never criticized for displaying. 

On today’s episode of Created Equal, host Stephen Henderson revisits a conversation with NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent and author Ali Vitali about why women are often excluded from politics or denigrated within the political arena.

This conversation originally aired on Detroit Today, October 24, 2022. 

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Ali Vitali is a Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News and the author of the book, “Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put a Woman in the White House…Yet.” She says despite the hurdles women face to be elected in office, the number of women who run for president is increasing every year. 

“We now have enough women waiting in the wings that I highly doubt that we’re going to wait too many election cycles going forward where there’s not at least one woman running,” says Vitali.

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