Detroit Evening Report: Detroit approves new city council district maps

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A map of the newly approved city council district boundaries in the city of Detroit.

A map of the newly approved city council district boundaries in the city of Detroit.

Detroit City Council has selected a new map for the purpose of redrawing city council districts. 

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The city’s Law Department submitted three proposed changes to Detroit’s seven council districts in November to reflect the 2020 Census data, as required by the city charter. The department recommended that council members review and adopt the new district boundaries — which must be compact, connected and relatively equal in size — by January 2024.

The city considered six options in total throughout the redistricting process, holding several public meetings to discuss each of the proposed maps.

On Tuesday, eight council members voted for option six, with only District 2 Councilwoman Angela Whitfield Calloway voting for another option to minimize the impact on her district, the Detroit News reported.

The council’s goal was to keep districts as close to existing boundaries as possible while making sure each one had roughly equal population of about 90,000 residents.

The new City Council districts will take effect in January 2026, just as the next City Council is sworn into office. Detroit will elect its mayor and City Council in November 2025. 

The redistricting process occurs every decade.

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