Detroit Evening Report: Redistricting process begins for Detroit City Council

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Detroit City Council members listen to public comments during a session on March 28, 2023 in Detroit, Mich.

Detroit City Council members listen to public comments during a session on March 28, 2023 in Detroit, Mich.

Detroit’s Law Department has submitted three proposed changes to Detroit’s seven city council districts to reflect the 2020 Census data.

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The Law Department provided a memo to council members in May 2022 detailing the legal requirements for redistricting the city’s council districts based on the results of the latest Census, per Detroit’s City Charter. The department recommended that council members review and adopt the new district boundaries — which must be compact, connected and relatively equal in size — by January 2024. The districts should also respect political subdivisions like voting precincts.

While the three redistricting options proposed by the Law Department vary, they each fulfill the requirements set forth by the city charter. The first option prioritizes even boundaries along major roads over exactly equal population. The second option prioritizes equal population over even boundaries— with some of the boundaries more irregular than the first option in order to achieve the least difference in population between districts. The third option aims to keep District 5 as close as possible to its current boundaries as the first two options change it more extensively than the remaining districts.

City council is holding a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the proposed redistricting options. 

WDET Reporter Laura Herberg contributed to this report.

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