1UPdate: Gaming ghost stories

Professional Dungeon Master Kali Scales unearths some urban legends of the gaming world.

Spooky pumpkin in a Halloween display

Spooky pumpkin in a Halloween display

Scary stories are a staple of Halloween. We’ve had scary books, scary movies and, of course, scary video games. But what if the scary thing isn’t just the content in the game, but the game itself? In all of those 1’s and 0’s, could there be the right sequence to make someone think or behave differently? Is there the right number of beeps and flashes that would make someone do something they normally wouldn’t do?

In this edition of the 1UPdate, we welcome back Kali Scales, professional D&D Dungeon Master, to tell us three stories of how video games could turn from fun, lighthearted fantasy to very real terror. We’ll hear the story of Killswitch, the game that never existed; Polybius, the government experiment to warp the minds of young people and turn them into Manchurian Candidates; and finally Grand Theft Auto IV’s Ratman, a creature that stalks the rarely visited subway tunnels of Liberty City.

What video game urban legend is your favorite? Tag us on socials to share your spooky video game stories.

Listen: Gaming ghost stories with Kali Scales


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