1UPdate: The underdogs take Worlds 2022

Esports Illustrated’s Kali Scales joins the 1UPdate to talk about the League of Legends World Championships.

kali scales smiles in front of the WDET logo at our station

Esports Illustrated's Kali Scales in the WDET studios on Nov. 10, 2022.

Kali Scales is a journalist for Esports Illustrated. She recently covered the League of Legends World Championships at the Chase Center in San Francisco. She joined the 1UPdate to talk about Lil Nas X’s spectacular headlining performance at the Opening Ceremony, who was competing and how one player decided to retire at age 25.

“If there’s a word that defines DRX, it is resilience. Their marksman, Deft, has been playing League of Legends for 10 years… He announced at the beginning of this year, that win, lose or draw, this was it, he was retiring. And after 10 years of trying, he lifts the cup this year.” — Kali Scales, Esports Illustrated

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