CultureShift: Why doesn’t Detroit fly its flag more?

And did you even know we had one?

Flag of Detroit, post-2000.

You wouldn’t know Detroit has a flag just by looking around. Detroit’s flag isn’t represented much throughout the city — it’s not even flown at city government buildings. Many residents can’t picture the design off the top of their heads, others say it’s inspiring and beautiful, but some criticize the flag for representing an ugly colonial past.

Axios Detroit’s Sam Robinson spoke with residents about how Detroit’s flag could better represent the city. He joined CultureShift to discuss the flag’s history and what could make for a more iconic design in the future.

“It’s a missed marketing opportunity. You got all those people who will tattoo the city of Chicago’s flag on their body. Just to have some kind of brand recognition would would be nice.” — Sam Robinson, Axios Detroit

Listen: Why doesn’t Detroit fly its flag more?

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  • Tia Graham
    Tia Graham is a reporter and Weekend Edition Host for 101.9 WDET. She graduated from Michigan State University where she had the unique privilege of covering former President Barack Obama and his trip to Lansing in 2014.