BIPOC healthcare storytelling platform NOWINCLUDED expands to Detroit

Co-founder Tiffany Whitlow spoke to WDET about her organization’s goals for Detroit.

NowIncluded team members smile for a group photo

NowIncluded storytelling platform celebrates expansion to Detroit.

NOWINCLUDED is an online storytelling platform that helps communities of color learn about health and healthcare disparities among minority communities. The company recently launched in Detroit.

Tiffany Whitlow is the co-founder and chief development officer of Acclinate, the visionary behind NOWINCLUDED, which works toward achieving health equity through inclusive clinical research. She began the company with co-founder Del Smith.

Del Smith and Tiffany Whitlow co-founded NowIncluded to give minority communities a space to share their healthcare stories and learn about healthcare disparities.
Del Smith and Tiffany Whitlow co-founded NOWINCLUDED to give minority communities a space to share their healthcare stories and learn about healthcare disparities.

“We educate and engage communities of color so that they’re able to make informed healthcare decisions,” Whitlow says.

Whitlow was inspired to launch NOWINCLUDED after reflecting on her own experience navigating through healthcare as a biracial adoptee. 

“I would go to the doctor and I don’t know more times than not because I didn’t know my family [health] background,” Whitlow shares.

That led her to put together a plan on how people might want to receive information about lived experiences through a social platform to feel seen and included.

“Black stories haven’t really been told…I knew that if we could build a platform that mattered enough, where people’s stories could start to circulate around, then people would start to feel seen and feel like you are now included,” she says. 

NowIncluded launched the platform in Detroit in February 2023.
NOWINCLUDED launched the platform in Detroit in February 2023.

Whitlow says the historical underrepresentation of minorities included in clinical research means fewer effective drugs developed for minority communities. 

“When we get sick and go to the doctor, we have a standard of care that people continue to kind of treat, and that standard of care was not inclusive when developed,” Whitlow explains.

People can submit their stories through the website or mobile app. They can also sign up to request a team member to record the story.

“We’re spending money with Black-owned businesses with real people in communities. And we’re saying we want to invest in you — want to educate you so that you can help us carry this message,” Whitlow says.

The company began in the South. Detroit is the first major city to have this platform.

“We want to know what concerns you — Detroit citizens like your real family members and friends, and that’s what we’re going to start,” states Whitlow. 

Whitlow shares NOWINCLUDED has plans to expand to other major cities in the U.S. 

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