Detroit Evening Report: Hamtramck City Council votes to ban LGBTQ+ Pride flags from city property

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A DCFC fan wields a gay pride flag painted with the NGS logo on it, on Saturday, Aug. 13, in Hamtramck, Mich. Many NGS members will wield various LGBTQ+ flags, as NGS is, as member Chris Motzenbecker says, “We are a radically inclusive organization, we are here a hundred percent to welcome everybody into the fold. The big thing is that you support City, and you do not support hate, those are the two things that we care about.” Photo Credit: Nate Pappas/WDET

A DCFC fan wields a gay pride flag painted with the NGS logo on it, on Saturday, Aug. 13, in Hamtramck, Mich.

The Hamtramck City Council has banned LGBTQ+ flags from being displayed on city property.

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The unanimous vote took place during a heated meeting Tuesday night that saw three hours of public debate. Community members raised concerns of discrimination, religion and the city’s welcoming representation.

More than 40% of Hamtramck’s residents were born in other countries, especially in Yemen and Bangladesh. Representatives of the all-Muslim council said the Pride flag clashes with the beliefs of some members of their faith.

The vote does not prevent Hamtramck residents and businesses to display Pride flags on their property.

“Those people who accused me of hating them, half of my boards and commissions are either LGBTQ, or supporters for LGBTQ,” Hamtramck Mayor Amer Ghalib said. “I never fired anybody who belong to the LGBTQ.”

The council voted to display only certain flags, including the American flag and one that represents the native countries of immigrant residents.

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