Detroit Today: Challenge of parenting through tragedy, cultural change

Atlantic staff writer, Chris Smith, tackles parenting in today’s America in his new book.

America continues to face political conflict, economic and racial inequality, as well as loneliness and social isolation. Those challenges are magnified for Black and brown parents, who have particular struggles.

Author and staff writer at The Atlantic, Clint Smith, tries to hold the many contradictions and peculiarities of parenthood, and simply observe them. His new book, “Above Ground,” explores what it’s like to raise children today and the beauty that exists in the small moments — despite the tragedy that sometimes surrounds them.

Listen: The challenges of raising children and the struggles they face in a changing nation


Clint Smith is staff writer at The Atlantic, poet and author most recently of “Above Ground.” He says in our informational ecosystem, it can be overwhelming to digest so many different experiences all at once.

“We live in a world, because of the ecosystem of our media landscape, and because of social media, where we have access to all of these things, all of the time, all at the same time, and I’m interested in what that does to one’s psyche,” says Smith.

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