State Sen. Mallory McMorrow discusses historic upcoming legislation in Lansing

Bills related to gun control, LGBTQ protections, repealing right-to-work laws and more are progressing through the legislature.

Politics demands a lot of long, drawn-out negotiations. It requires working with a range of people from a variety of different backgrounds to come to a conclusion.

All this is especially true when two very different political parties must share power. For Democrats in the state legislature, though, there’s a lot more room to run — and, right now with their majority, it seems like they’re trying to sprint.

Two bills to outlaw discrimination against LGBTQ individuals passed the Michigan House last Wednesday. The House also recently approved bills requiring background checks, while a full 11-bill gun control package in the Senate recently advanced out of committee.

In addition, this week the Michigan Senate voted to repeal the state’s Right-to-Work law. A lot of bills, that is, are primed to become laws.

“I think that this is the moment of resetting — of sending the signal that there are a lot of priorities that are backlogged, that we’ve wanted to work on for potentially 40 years.” — Mallory McMorrow, state Senator

Listen to State Senator Mallory McMorrow on Detroit Today:


State Sen. Mallory McMorrow is a Democrat representing the 8th District, which includes many cities in Oakland County and part of Wayne County. She says Democrats are trying to prove that they know how to govern and want to pass a lot of important legislation.

“I think it’s sending a really loud message to the rest of the state that we are here to work, we’re here to govern and we’re here to deliver for the reasons that people elected us into office,” says McMorrow.

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