Detroit is below the national average of electric vehicle charging access

While Ford, GM and Stellantis invest heavily in electric vehicles, new research says it’s harder to find a charging station in Detroit.

White EV Hummer charges in a parking lot.

Despite its “Motor City” moniker, Detroit and the surrounding region rank below the national average when it comes to the availability of electric vehicle chargers, according to new numbers put together by automotive website

There is only one publicly available fast charger for every 23,000 residents in Metro Detroit. That rate is less than half the national average, which plays out to 11,500 people for each public station in a metropolitan area.

Karl Brauer, executive analyst at ISeeCars, says a number of cities in the Midwest are behind the curve when it comes to EV infrastructure.

“I’m assuming that, like probably a good chunk of the Midwest, there may be a reduced level of interest in using an EV because of temperature,” says Brauer. “You do lose a lot of range in the wintertime.”

Brauer also points out that Detroit ranks last in the country when it comes to the availability of Tesla-compatible chargers. The EV manufacturer, who earlier this week announced their headquarters would return to California, requires its own connection that is not compatible with other electric vehicles.

“I wonder how much of that is a reflection of maybe some anti-Tesla sentiment,” says Brauer. “I feel like that has been a rival — between the traditional domestics and Tesla.”

Brauer cautions it may be premature to judge municipalities too harshly on the quality of their charging access, with rollout efforts still underway throughout the country. States, including Michigan, are currently making use of Federal Infrastructure Bill funding, which will be distributed through 2026, to install networks.

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