Detroit Evening Report: Michigan appeals court ruling reverses minimum wage increase, paid sick leave revision

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A Thursday ruling by the Michigan Court of Appeals stops the state’s minimum wage from increasing next month and will keep current wage and benefit requirements intact.

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The Court of Claims had already pushed the decision last July from Jan. 1 to Feb. 19 to give employers time to adjust.

The decision will be appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court, according to Eboni Taylor, executive director of Mothering Justice, a group supporting the minimum wage increase.

“We are extremely disappointed by the Michigan Court of Appeals’ decision to side with the former Republican-controlled Legislature’s ‘adopt-and-amend’ shenanigans. The decision, once again, delays a much-needed and deserved pay increase for Michigan workers,” said Taylor in a statement.

Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity says, pending a final resolution of the appeal and lifting of the stay, workers in the state should see the minimum wage rate for 2023 increase to $13.03 and $11.73 for tipped employees. A separate petition would mandate that employees receive one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked.

“We are relieved and appreciative of the unanimous ‘Adopt and Amend’ decision out of the Court of Appeals today that will allow Michigan and its 18,000 restaurants and hotels to move forward with greater certainty as to their operating future,” Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association President & CEO Justin Winslow said in a statement after the court’s decision was announced. “Through this ruling, countless restaurants and 50,000 hospitality jobs have been at least temporarily saved.

“We are optimistic that the Michigan Supreme Court will recognize the same and allow this industry to redirect its focus to the daunting task of recovering from a pandemic that decimated it so completely.”

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