Rep-elect John James urges House Republican holdouts to support McCarthy in first floor speech

The 10th Congressional District representative-elect has yet to be sworn in due to the House Speaker standoff.

John James

Congressman John James

Electing a new speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is usually a quick process, but infighting within the GOP is slowing it down.

Michigan Congressman-elect John James — a Republican who has not yet been sworn-in due to the protracted delays in electing a Speaker — nominated Kevin McCarthy in a speech Thursday despite the California representative’s multiple failed attempts to gather enough votes.

James, who won November’s midterm elections to represent the state’s 10 Congressional District, addressed some of the priorities for House Republicans in the upcoming term, including border security.

“We’ll address the crisis at the border that’s killing Americans by the day, and improve both our safety and our nation and our dignity for those who come here in search of a better life,” James said.

“We’re still stuck at the starting block. The American people have told us by putting a Republican majority here that they want Republicans to lead and they want a government that works and doesn’t embarrass them. We are failing on both missions. That must change today.”

It’s unclear whether Americans have been killed due to the influx of people seeking asylum in the U.S. However, border patrol officials estimate at least 800 migrants have died attempting to cross into the country over the past year.

Despite James’ speech, McCarthy fell short a seventh time to secure the Speaker position, and by the end of Thursday lost a historic 11th round of voting.

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