Stephen Henderson shares his 2022 Christmas music favorites

Detroit Today’s host shares some of his favorite tracks for this holiday season.

an assortment of Christmas albums are sprawled out on a table

Each December, without fail, you are guaranteed to hear certain songs during the Christmas season. But what songs can you add to your list to spice up the playlist?

Stephen Henderson sits down with WDET’s creative producer Sam Beaubien to share some of his holiday favorites this year.

Listen to the full playlist:


Sam Beaubien is WDET’s Creative Producer. He is the founder and leader of the acclaimed ensemble, Will Sessions. As a trumpet player himself, he says Wynton Marsalis is always incredible to listen to because of how seriously he takes his craft.

“I grew up hearing Wynton Marsalis play and being like, ‘Wow, I should quit playing trumpet,’ because he is so incredible,” says Beaubien. “He takes everything so seriously in music, that if he’s going to do a Christmas album, he’s going to do it right.”

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