Exploring Iceland’s tourism industry with WDET’s tour guide

Guðlaug Jónsdóttir has been a tour manager for a decade. She guided WDET’s trip to Iceland, sharing her country’s scenery, food and culture.

four people in coats smile in front of a pool of water, ice and land

From left to right: Amanda LeClaire, Carmen Garcia, Guðlaug Jónsdóttir and Ryan Patrick Hooper pose on a mountain in Iceland.

For a week this October, CultureShift’s Amanda LeClaire and Ryan Patrick Hooper traveled to Iceland with 37 WDET listeners. They explored the country’s scenery, food and culture with a tour guide leading them each step of the way.


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Guðlaug Jónsdóttir has been a tour manager in Iceland for a decade. She’s passionate about sharing her country with people, and she radiates an exceptional drive in every tour she gives.

She spoke with Hooper about why she loves her job, what sets Icelanders apart and a volcano that threatened their tourism industry in 2010.

“This job gives me pleasure all the time because it’s never the same. I have different people, the weather is different, the light is different, the colors are different. So nature changes constantly, and I love it.” — Guðlaug Jónsdóttir, Icelandic tour guide

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