Journalist travels the U.S. in search of the perfect sound

In his quest, the Washington Post’s Geoff Edgers spoke with more than fifty music legends and audiophiles.

a person sits in a recording studio surrounded by audio equipment

It’s a question that’s obsessed musicians, audio producers, engineers and fans since recorded music first began: what exactly is the perfect sonic experience, what is the perfect sound?

It’s a question that obsessed journalist Geoff Edgers so much that he went on a year-long search for it, aiming to answer this question by traveling all over the country to capture the way music and quality of sound have evolved.

In his quest, Edgers spoke with more than fifty people — including music legends Neil Young and rapper Chuck D, musician and filmmaker Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, and Talking Heads founder David Byrne, as well as global audiophiles and many more.

Edgers is the Washington Post’s national arts reporter. He spoke with CultureShift about this immersive saga he undertook, called “The Search for the Perfect Sound.”

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  • Amanda LeClaire

    Amanda LeClaire is Host of CultureShift and is a founding producer of both of WDET's locally-produced daily shows. She's been involved in radio and the arts in Detroit for over a decade.