Michigan Voter Guide 2022: 9th Congressional District

Meet the candidates running for Michigan’s 9th Congressional District.

WDET Voter Guide

Michigan voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, for the 2022 midterm elections. One of the races on the ballot is Michigan’s redrawn 9th Congressional District. Republican Lisa McClain faces Democrat Brian Steven Jay.

Michigan 9th Congressional District 2022
Map by Nikki Roach, WDET

Keep reading to learn the candidates’ answers to the questionnaire they received from WDET.

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Lisa McClain – Republican (incumbent)

Lisa McClain did not respond to our questionnaire. You can view more information at McClain’s official campaign website.

Brian Jaye
Photo Credit: Brian Jaye for Congress

Brian Jaye – Democrat

Name: Brian Jaye

Age: 43

Current occupation: Attorney

Education: Oakland University BS, and Minor in Scholarship Program Applied Technology in Business, University of Detroit School of Law, Juris Doctorate.

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less.

I am a lifelong Democrat, I strongly believe in supporting public education, access to healthcare, commonsense gun regulations, protecting our climate, protecting fundamental rights, amongst many other issues. My parents did not attend a university, I got an academic scholarship, and stayed close to home attending Oakland University. I then attended the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, where I was a student leader at both institutions.

I was then hired into one of the best law firms in the world, based in Virginia. I went from there working at various places as an attorney. I currently work doing poverty law for the State Bar of Michigan.  I truly believe in people, and making life better for individuals struggling in our Country.

Why are you running for Michigan’s 9th congressional district?

I care about every person in [the 9th district], and the United States. I care about my community. I decided to run for office first after becoming a father. I want my son, and every child in America, to have an equal opportunity to everything this country offers. I care about rural and working-class portions of Michigan. I care about the damage Donald Trump and his dangerous politics have caused in my district and throughout America. I want to help my district heal. I was also a former Democratic candidate for the Michigan State Board of Education.

What are the top 3 priority issues that the 9th congressional district faces and what actions would you, as its representative, take regarding each of them?

I am focused on education, commonsense gun regulations, and fundamental rights. I will provide resources through programs to help public schools thrive, public educations receive around 8% of their funding from the federal government.  I would like to see more programs designed to give funds to those districts suffering the most.

What is your stance on gun reform in the U.S.?

I want commonsense gun regulations in place, getting military style assault weapons out of the hands of citizens, background checks, and regulation of ghost guns, which are untraceable weapons built from parts, usually by someone that can not attain a gun by other means.

What is your stance on abortion?

I am a pro-choice candidate, and feel strongly about protecting a woman’s choice. I will codify Roe in Congress, and work to codify any other fundamental rights that the U.S. Supreme Court could take from millions of Americans.

How would you address the current inflation crisis in the U.S.?

There are several ways to reduce inflation: improve America’s supply chains, break up large corporations with anti-trust measures, and providing more child care and other flexibility to make it easier for women to return to work yields nearly immediate large-scale improvements in labor supply

What energy and environment policies do you support?

I support the green new deal, and policies that protect our climate, and add green jobs to a district suffering without large sources of basic revenue.  I support President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda, and adding incentives to reduce the use of certain chemicals in farming.  I also support incentives to allow the production of electric based vehicles.

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