The experiences of animals and our interactions with them

Some animals can “sense the electric fields given off by other living things,” says Ed Yong, a science writer at The Atlantic.

Animals are a rich part of many peoples’ life. But while they live beside us in our backyards, our parks, and our own homes, their actual lives — the way they experience and sense the world — is so often ignored.

We also go about our days indirectly tormenting the animals we have less connection with. Most Americans eat hundreds of pounds of meat each year. Additionally, light and sound pollution can sometimes result in death for many animals.

“Each creature is trapped within its own sensory bubble, perceiving just a small fraction of the fullness of reality.” — Ed Yong, The Atlantic

Listen: A new book explores various ways animals sense and interact with the world.


Ed Yong is a science writer at The Atlantic and the author of multiple books — including his most recent, “An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us.” Yong says that each animal has a unique perspective based on the sensory experiences its biology allows.

“Each creature is trapped within its own sensory bubble,” says Yong, “perceiving just a small fraction of the fullness of reality.”

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