One Small Step is asking people to connect with those they disagree with

Civility is the best approach to a wide variety of conversations, says radio host Paul W. Smith.

Most experts and lay people agree that Americans are polarized. They don’t just disagree on what issues affect the U.S. — they disagree about what the issues are. In partnership with StoryCorps, WDET is trying to close the political and cultural divide with its program One Small Step.

Stephen Henderson talks with WJR’s Paul W. Smith about why closing the political and cultural gap matters, and how people can participate.

You can sign up to participate in one small step here.

Listen: How WDET and StoryCorps are trying to get people with different views to connect with each other.



Paul W. Smith is the host of his own show on WJR. He says that people need to listen to each other and talk with one another with civility, or otherwise we’ll simply create more enemies.

“You have a strong feeling about something, I may have a strong feeling that’s totally different,” says Smith, “but we can discuss it or we’re getting nowhere.”

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