Rebecca Goldberg aims to honor Detroit’s legacy of techno

Artist, DJ and music producer Rebecca Goldberg talks influences and shares an exclusive mix for CultureShift ahead of the Movement festival this weekend.

Rebecca Goldberg in the WDET studio. Photo credit: Sophia Jozwiak/WDET.

This weekend, the Movement Electronic Music Festival will return to Hart Plaza for a three-day, multi-stage event to celebrate Detroit’s long legacy of techno. Rebecca Goldberg is one of the dozens of performers to be featured in this year’s lineup.

Goldberg is an artist, DJ and music producer who has been involved in Detroit’s techno scene for over a decade.

“I cut my teeth at all the clubs and venues around town,” she says. “I’m just a fan and that’s really how it started.”

Her earliest musical influences were local radio mixes by Stacey Hotwaxx Hale and DJ Godfather, both of whom will be performing at Movement this year as well. She talks about meeting Hale at a club once and striking up a friendship.

“I consider her a mentor and somebody that really paved the way for people like me to continue that [techno] legacy. It is a version of our folk music, and it started right here, so it’s important to keep it going and do it the right way and learn from the people who came before you.”

As she prepares for the festival, Goldberg revels in the unique nature of live sets.

“I’m very comfortable using my machines and equipment,” she says, “but every time I play what I’m intending to play, it’s different. It’s really experiential. The energy of the crowd is gonna determine where we’re gonna go. I have this sandbox of sounds, but what I pull from it just really depends on that hour of how it’s going.”

While she still plans to record her set, she says it doesn’t compare to the real thing.

“You have to be there, it’s one-time-only,” she says. “There’s nothing like being in the moment.”

Goldberg will appear at the Detroit Stage at 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Listen: Detroit DJ Rebecca Goldberg talks influences, shares exclusive mix for ahead of Movement.


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  • Amanda LeClaire is Host of CultureShift and is a founding producer of both of WDET's locally-produced daily shows. She's been involved in radio and the arts in Detroit for over a decade.