Stephen Henderson on leaked Roe v. Wade opinion: What does this future decision call on us to do?

The leaked U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade opinion pours gasoline on the cultural war over reproductive rights.

U.S. Supreme Court


The following is an essay from WDET Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson:

There are a lot of reactions already, to this opinion, which not only appears to overturn Roe, but pours gasoline, really on the cultural war that has existed over reproductive rights for a really long time. And there are going to be a lot of emotions that spill out over the period of time between today, and when we finally do get an opinion from the justices in Washington about what they think about Roe v. Wade.

First, I want to encourage everybody to think really hard about the things that led us to this moment. The decisions, the actions, the obstructions, the arguments. Roe is going to be 50 years old next year. So, for many of us, it’s our entire lives that we’ve been having this argument and watching this struggle back and forth. What are the things that happened during that time that put us on the precipice of a major reversal with regard to the idea of privacy, to the idea of individual rights in this country?

“What are the things, the decisions, the actions that are appropriate in response to this?” — Stephen Henderson, Detroit Today

And then I want everyone to think about what the future ought to look like. What are the things, the decisions, the actions that are appropriate in response to this? How do you send the country back in a different direction? How do you work in a way that makes the change that will frustrate many people when this opinion finally comes down? I think it’s very easy to get very upset and completely justified to get very upset about the prospect of something like this happening. But it’s more productive to be focused on what things this calls us to do, to say, to think, to insist upon, and maybe to demand in a way that we haven’t seen before.

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