The potential of wind turbines in America

Wind turbines have become cheaper to implement and operate over the last decade, according to the leader of an energy transition consulting firm.

The technologies we need to create a carbon free world are all around us, according to many advocates, scientists, and policymakers. They imagine an America where solar is on every rooftop, electric vehicles are in every garage, and wind turbines are spinning beyond the beaches of our shores.

But this last piece of technology — wind turbines — are sometimes overlooked. Perhaps that’s because some find them unattractive to look at, or maybe it’s their imposing size and upfront costs.

For Earth Week, Detroit Today is looking at the potential and possibility for ramping up wind power in Michigan and across the country.

“Interestingly, places like Texas and Iowa are leaders in wind nationally,” ­— Rob Gramlich, founder and president of Grid Strategies LLC.

Listen: What wind turbines can offer us in terms of clean energy and jobs.



Rob Gramlich is the founder and president of Grid Strategies LLC, a power sector consulting firm trying to usher clean energy onto electrical grids.

He says most wind power is produced in a few politically conservative states because of the industry’s ability to offer many jobs to state residents, and due to the availability of cheap land and high wind speeds in those states.

“Interestingly, places like Texas and Iowa are leaders in wind nationally,” says Gramlich.

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