Rep. Andy Levin’s new labor bill, and why he’s running for re-election in the 11th district

Rep. Levin says his new bill giving congressional staffers the right to unionize is “about them having some more influence over their own work lives.”

Following the work of an independent redistricting commission, Michigan’s political maps have shifted. While many are still challenging the current iteration of the maps, there is no sign that the outcome will change yet.

The result of the new district lines are resulting in changes regarding who is running for re-election and where. It’s lead to a re-election battle between active Congress members Andy Levin (D-9) and Haley Stevens (D-11).

“I’ve been working in this new 11th district really throughout my lifetime and I’m just very excited about representing it,” — Congressman Andy Levin (D-9).

Senator Levin is also introducing a new bill that would give congressional staffers the right to unionize.  The legislation is known as the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.

Listen: Why Rep. Levin decided to run in the new 11th Congressional District.



Congressman Andy Levin is a Democrat from Bloomfield Township representing Michigan’s 9th district and is running for re-election in Michigan’s new 11th Congressional District. Levin says it makes sense for him to run in the 11th district as he already lives in it and many of his past political projects have taken place in the area.

“I’ve been working in this new 11th district really throughout my lifetime,” says Levin, “and I’m just very excited about representing it.”

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