Culture D-Tour: Pushing the boundaries of sound with techno artist Henry Brooks

Courtney Wise Randolph writes about Detroit’s movers and shakers for Detour Detroit. Once a month, she stops by CultureShift to chat with a notable Detroiter. In this feature, she spoke with techno artist Henry Brooks.

Detroit Techno artist Henry Brooks

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When the Belleville Three brought techno music to the world, the pulsating eclectic sounds inspired an era that continues to be influential in Detroit’s sound and music DNA. Today, new generations are embracing the repetitive, adrenaline rushing music and carving out their own stylistic identity within the genre.

Henry Brooks is among the new school of techno and electronic music artists. At 24, the Detroit transplant from Grand Rapids started experimenting with the turntables at age 16. His rise on the scene however, has been somewhat meteoric with local and national stage appearances throughout the city, Chicago, L.A and Miami. 

“Techno is always about experimenting and trying something new,” says Brooks. “It’s not always about what’s trendy. So for me, my background is in metal [and] a lot of the sounds I like are distorted, [so] I’ve been experimenting with distorted guitars, certain melodies and vocals.”  

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    Courtney Wise Randolph is a storyteller and Detroiter. In addition to her work as a writer and audio producer, she runs Keen Composition, a small business that specializes in writing and editing true stories about ordinary people and businesses that make an extraordinary impact.

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