Dearborn November 2 Election Results

View election results for Dearborn mayor, city council, charter commission and Charter revision ballot proposal.

Local communities across the region head to the polls on November 2 to cast their ballots for city officials and local proposals. 

Dearborn voters will elect a new mayor, select new City Council members and Charter Commission members and decide whether to approve a charter revision for a temporary 2.75 mill supplemental millage.

WDET is committed to bringing you accurate information about the races and will do so on-air and online when election results are available. Bookmark this page for confirmed results.

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City Council
Charter Commission
Ballot Proposal


4 year term

Precincts reporting: 48 of 48 (100%)
Candidate Votes
Abdullah Hammoud 13,040
Gary Woronchak 10,796
TOTAL* 23,880

*Includes write-ins

City Council

4 year term, 7 positions

Precincts reporting: 48 of 48 (100%)
Candidate Votes
Robert Abraham 8,883
Saeid Mashgari Alawathi 6,368
Kamal Alsawafy 10,006
Erin Byrnes 10,602
Silvio Davis 8,130
Lola Elzein 7,921
Gary Enos 8,278
Khodr Farhat 7,607
Mustapha Hammoud 8,314
Leslie Herrick 10,421
Sam Luqman 7,402
Khalil Othman 5,592
Ken Paris 9,131
Michael Sareini 13,583
TOTAL* 122,409

*Includes write-ins

Charter Commission

Partial year term, 9 positions

Precincts reporting: 48 of 48 (100%)
Candidate Votes
Albert Abbas 4,648
Hassan Abdallah 8,568
Gussan Abdulkarim 2,695
Richard AlAziz 3,230
Elizabeth Bailey 9,204
Mark Dawdy 4,691
Laura Dudgeon 5,905
Sharon Dulmage 7,727
Hussein Hachem 7,230
Sam Hamade 4,585
Timothy Harrison 5,966
Cheryl Hawkins 6,332
Kimberly Ismail 5,900
Jamil Khuja 3,735
Michael Kuentz 3,730
Jim O’Connor 7,613
L. Glenn O’Kray 5,912
Fatmeh Saad 4,251
Mansour Sharha 5,159
L. Gail Walls 4,608
Rami Younes 2,780
Jacklin Ziedan 3,776
TOTAL* 118,440

*Includes write-ins

Ballot Proposal

Proposal 1 – City of Dearborn proposed charter amendment for a temporary 2.75 mill supplemental millage to avoid reductions in programs and services.

Precincts reporting: 48 of 48 (100%)
Response Votes
Yes 9,772
No 10,495
TOTAL 20,267

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