Detroit Mayoral Candidates Tom Barrow and Anthony Adams Among 9 Challenging Mike Duggan

Detroit mayoral candidates Tom Barrow and Anthony Adams discuss their credentials and hopes for the city ahead of Aug. 3 primary.

Downtown Detroit Coleman A Young Municipal Center.

Downtown Detroit Coleman A Young Municipal Center.

The 2021 primary election on Aug. 3 will determine what policies and candidates will move on to the general election in November, including the City of Detroit mayoral election. Nine candidates are challenging current Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan for a spot on the November ballot.

“The people in the neighborhoods outside of downtown are desperately calling for a change in direction.” –Anthony Adams, Detroit mayoral candidate

Listen: Two Detroit mayoral candidates say it’s time for change in the city and discuss support of Proposal P.


Tom Barrow is a Detroit mayoral candidate. He says he previously ran for mayor four times before this election. “It’s different this time. And I know that Detroiters who know me, who know my fight, will support me this time around.” Barrow says what sets him apart from the other candidates is his financial experience and progressive policies, like supporting the closure of the Detroit Land Bank Authority. “I’m like night and day with [the eight other candidates challenging Mike Duggan] … I’m pretty direct in my statements that I’m going to take back my Belle Isle and these other assets that were taken.” 

Barrow says he wrote the section on elections for Proposal P, adding despite opponent claims it would not bankrupt the city. “There’s a lot of changes we’ve got to make to change the quality of life, and I relate to Detroiters.” If he doesn’t get on the November ballot, Barrow did not specify whether he would support any challenger to Mayor Mike Duggan, only that he would not back Duggan in his bid for reelection. 

Anthony Adams is a Detroit mayoral candidate and former deputy mayor of Detroit. He says even if he doesn’t make it on the November ballot, he will support whichever candidate runs against Duggan. “The people in the neighborhoods outside of downtown are desperately calling for a change in direction.”

Adams says he would focus on neighborhood stabilization if elected mayor. “We’ve got to keep people in their homes. The right blight removal strategy is to make sure the next house doesn’t go vacant.” He says he supports Proposal P, and other policies that would put money into proactive programs. “The charter is an aspirational document… the city should have an affordable housing policy … the city should have an affordable water policy.”

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