Announcing the 2021 WDET Book Club: The Constitution

This summer, WDET is delving into the historical context and modern implications of our nation’s founding document.

As part of 101.9 FM WDET’s Book Club, we’re inviting the Detroit region to examine and discuss the text that impacts every resident of the United States: The Constitution. Whether you’re revisiting the documents or reading them for the first time, join us in reading along and engaging in civil conversations with your community. 

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If you listen to Detroit Today regularly, you know how serious we are about diving head-first into the questions of inequality and injustice that have been with us since the nation’s beginning but also have come to define much of our modern divides and debates.

This is the narrative of modern American politics — social tension and cultural strain.

But so often when we discuss these things, we do so without reaching back to the beginning to consider the roots of these questions.

We’re going to change that in a profound way this summer, with the 2021 edition of the WDET Book Club.

Instead of choosing a novel or non-fiction treatise to shape our community read and discussion this summer, we are going to turn to the nation’s founding document: The Constitution.

So many of the things that we can’t agree on now find their most basic echoes in the Constitution itself; the ways it promised equality, for some, and the ways it has both delivered on and frustrated the march toward equality for others.

We will deal with a wide range of subjects during these discussions, from criminal justice to the Second Amendment to religious and gender equality. Of course, we’ll leave much of the discussion to you, our listeners, during conversations on Detroit Today, at events and online.

From the Fourth of July through Constitution Day on September 17, the entire station will be reading and talking about how the Constitution affects life in America in 2021, through the news, music and conversations we have.

We hope you’ll join us.

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