What You Need To Know as Michigan Enters Third Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic

Sustained spread of the U.K. variant throughout Michigan has many health experts concerned about how big this surge will be.

More of Michigan’s population is getting vaccinated as the rollout picks up steam in Detroit and across the state. Despite this, COVID-19 cases are once again climbing.

“There is definitely a perception that we are through the worst of it, and we can let down our guard. I would seriously caution people against that.” – Dr. Paul Kilgore, Wayne State University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Michigan, in particular, is experiencing a surge in cases that is concerning scientists, public health experts and elected officials.

Listen: Wayne State medical researcher Dr. Paul Kilgore talks about Michigan’s spike in COVID-19 cases.


Dr. Paul Kilgore is an Associate Professor & Director of Research at Wayne State University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He says the U.K. strain is partly to blame for the spread of COVID-19 cases in Michigan.

“This is definitely one reason we’re seeing a surge in cases now,” says Kilgore.

According to Kilgore, this strain of COVID-19 can spread more rapidly and needs fewer virus particles to establish an infection in the body. For this reason, he encourages people to continue to wear a mask, even after vaccination. Mask wearing, Kilgore says, will protect the individual until the vaccination takes full effect and will also protect others who have yet to be vaccinated.

Pandemic fatigue has left many eager to resume life as normal, but experts say fully reopening too soon could compromise the progress made against the virus.

“There is definitely a perception that we are through the worst of it, and we can let down our guard. I would seriously caution people against that,” says Kilgore.

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