Tribute from Angeline Johnson

I was listening in on my Grundig, working in part of Henry Ford Hospital’s research group, in the old HoJo across the Lodge, and I hear Ed’s hospitalized. Hospitalized! What? I happened to have flowers on my desk I’d gotten over the weekend at the Eastern Market and left at work to enjoy — well, Ed could use them more than I needed them. So I put them in a grocery bag or handled bag of some sort, put on my coat, and told the reception office I was going across to the main campus to leave Ed some flowers. My coworker Vernice said Ed’s in the hospital?!?! Can I come along? Of course, I said.

I did NOT expect to hear a ‘thank you’ announced, and I don’t think I did, but my other coworkers did. I was so glad I could be a face of encouragement to Ed, let him know his voice meant enough to me to grab the flowers off my desk for him — still do, after leaving Detroit, living abroad, moving west. I miss you saying “hope you enjoyed’ as you back-announce with more annotation for our edification, Ed. Much love.