WDET Is Going to the Dogs … And Cats

Pets make the world go ’round. WDET is asking you to recognize your furry friends by making a gift in their honor.

WDET is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You know who else is? Your pets.

In a year when we’ve spent more time than ever at home and separated from our (human) friends and family, our pets have been there to provide companionship, connection and, most importantly, cuddles.

We want to celebrate our pets for all they do for us, this year and always. Meet the pets of WDET below and make a gift to WDET in your pet’s honor to recognize your dog, cat, iguana, hedgehog for everything they do for you.

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Pet: Reggie (10 months)

WDET Parent: Ann Delisi — Host, Ann Delisi’s Essential Music
Likes: Climbing on the roof, hiding from humans, guilting her parents into sharing a salmon dinner
Favorite WDET Program: Ann Delisi’s Essential Music (duh)

Pet: Gracie (7.5)

WDET Parent: Rob Reinhart — Host, Rob Reinhart’s Essential Music/Acoustic Cafe/CultureShift
Likes: Butter, walks, butter, chasing everything, being chased, all food, butter, ear rubs
Favorite WDET Program: Whatever is on right before a walk, talk shows about butter

Pet: Benson (3)

WDET Parent: David Leins — Podcast Coordinator, Producer
Likes: Looking at birds, chasing shadows that look like birds
Favorite WDET Program: CultureShift … because all the birds are out from 12-2 

Pet: Cassie 

WDET Parent: Mike Rankin — WDET Underwriting Representative
Likes: Getting between the laptop and dad when he’s trying to work, having nightly battles with the invisible monsters that live between the shower curtains
Favorite WDET Program: CultureShift

Pet: Champ 

WDET Parent: Lisa Durden — Event Coordinator
Likes: Sun bathing, naps, belly rubs, looking out the window
Favorite WDET Program: Soul Saturday with Nick Austin

Pet: Coney (10 mo)

WDET Parent: Eli Newman — News Reporter/Producer
Likes: Catching balls in the air, play dates at the Midtown dog park, squeaky toys and rolling around in the snow
Favorite WDET Program: This Island Earth

Pet: Fritz 

WDET Parent: Nate Bender — Production Assistant
Likes: Sleeping in the laundry hamper, chewing on audio cables, sneaking on camera while dad is streaming
Favorite WDET Program: Ed Love’s Destination Jazz, ’cause he’s a really hip cat

Pet: Gizmo (2)

WDET Parent: Pat Batcheller — Morning Edition Host/Senior News Editor
Likes: Walks, playing ball in the yard, hoarding toys, chasing the cat
Favorite WDET Program: Morning Edition with the human who feeds him

Pet: Louie (13)

WDET Parent: Amanda LeClaire — CultureShift Host/Producer
Likes: Walks, cheese, belly rubs
Favorite WDET Program: CultureShift 

Pet: Lucifur (11)

WDET Parent: Nikki Roach — Multimedia Designer
Likes: Hide and seek
Favorite WDET Program: The Progressive Underground

Pet: Lucy

WDET Parent: Lisa Brancato — Senior Sales Executive & Event Manager 
Likes: Cuddling, car rides and pumpkin added to her dinner kibble
Favorite WDET Program: All of the music programs!

Pet: Maddy (6)

WDET Parent: Katie Johnson — Member Services
Likes: Sunbathing, squirrel chasing and playing with other dogs
Favorite WDET Program: CultureShift

Pet: Parker

WDET Parent: Joan Isabella — Program Director
Likes: Chasing squirrels, riding in the car listening to WDET, getting petted and scratched by anyone and everyone, running around on the neighborhood hill with his other dog buddies 
Favorite WDET Program: As the Program Director’s dog, Parker hears and enjoys all the news, music and conversation on WDET!

Pet: Presto

WDET Parent: Mary Zatina — General Manager
Likes: Wreaking havoc in flower beds, begging my mom for attention while she’s at work
Favorite WDET Program: Destination Jazz 

Pet: Ragnar (4) & Magnus (7)

WDET Parent: Matthew Trevethan — Senior Broadcast Operations Manager 
Likes: Chews, cookies, ice cubes, walks, play time and naps
Favorite WDET Program: Detroit Today because dad is the sound engineer

Pet: Salmon (6)

WDET Parent: Meta Stange — Digital Content and Engagement Manager
Likes: Tennis balls (catching them, eating them, doesn’t really matter), swimming, babies, peanut butter 
Favorite WDET Program: Jay’s Place

Pet: Sadie

WDET Parent: Alex McLenon — Associate Reporter
Likes: Hair dryers, hose water, squeaky tennis balls and sleeping on feet 
Favorite WDET Program: CultureShift

Pet: Thor Bonecrusher (7)

WDET Parent: Sascha Raiyn — Reporter/Producer
Likes: Butt rubs, shockingly short walks, eating anything that’s not vegetable, parenting his kitten, gazing lovingly into absolutely anyone’s eyes 
Favorite WDET Program: CultureShift

Pet: Tubie

WDET Parent: Laura Herberg — Reporter
Likes: The radiator, sitting on soft blankets, burrowing under comforters and eating
Favorite WDET Program: Tubie listens to Morning Edition while waiting to have his breakfast


  • Meta Stange
    Meta Stange is the Digital Content and Engagement Manager for 101.9 WDET, overseeing the station's digital editorial content. She enjoys reading, making bad jokes, and hanging out with her dog, Salmon.