Meet Detroit Documenter Lynelle Herndon

Herndon is one of the hundreds of people who have been trained and paid to attend and document public meetings since the Documenters program started in Detroit in 2018.

Hundreds of people have been trained and paid to attend and document public meetings since the Documenters program started in Detroit in 2018.

Lynelle Herndon is a Documenter who has attended and taken notes of more than a dozen public meetings, including city council and charter review meetings. 

Herndon is a mom, wife and business owner of Home Ec Detroit, a company that helps create community gardens on empty Detroit lots. “I’m going to be starting a community garden, which I’m really excited about,” says the Detroiter. 

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Herndon has a community service background, having served in City Year and AmeriCorps. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science from NC State University. 

Prior to the pandemic, Herndon says that she enjoyed attending meetings in person however, the Zoom format allows her to attend more meetings.

“I think that they’re actually more accessible now when they’re virtual,” says Herdon

She says coming from a community service background, she enjoys hearing the public comments at the end of meetings the most. She also enjoys inserting her personality in the coverage and sharing what she learns with others.

“I think that it’s a great way to share what’s going on and kind of make it maybe a little more interesting, a little more palatable.”

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