Watch the New Video From Detroit Singer-Songwriter John Salvage

Michigan singer-songwriter John Salvage will release his debut solo album, ‘Coyote Hasten’ next month, but the lead single, “Trade Coyote” is out today, adorned by a mesmerizing new music video created by filmmaker Andrew Miller of We The Committee.

Michigan singer-songwriter John Salvage will release his debut solo album, “Coyote Hasten” next month, but the lead single, “Trade Coyote” is out today, accompanied by a mesmerizing new music video created by filmmaker Andrew Miller of We The Committee

Salvage released two singles earlier this year.

His signature style of guitar playing creates hooks with strums that feel taut and angsty but also tender and jangly. Add that to his melodic voice, with its rasp and grit, going from a full-throated soar to a pared-back whisper, and it makes for seriously compelling stuff.

It’s folk-rock splashed with Americana — and in the case of the video, quite literally splashed, as Salvage is depicted with images of the American west projected over his contemplative expressions and thousand-mile stare. After the second chorus, Salvaged is joined by a full band and goes electric for an invigorating bridge that builds into a cinematic-sounding crescendo. 

As the song starts to crest toward its ending, Salvage’s refrain details a narrator who’ll “sit down” and “trade stories….”

Keep your ears open for a full batch of great stories told in song-form when John Salvage’s “Coyote Hasten” comes out this January on Outer Limits Lounge Records and Org Music

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