Michigan College Republicans Chairman’s Message to Trump on 2020

The young Republican said he largely agrees with the president’s policies — but had issues with Trump’s pandemic response and wants to see less polarization.

The Republican National Convention commences tonight after President Donald Trump was renominated for a second term by the party today.

Michigan is again expected to be a battleground state in November’s general election, and the youth vote could play a decisive factor. Trump won the state by 10,704 votes in 2016.

“As a Republican, I think Trump and I have more policy agreements than I do with Biden.” — Ryan Fisher, College Republicans

Ryan Fisher, 20, is the Chairman of the College Republicans at the University of Michigan, and when WDET’s Laura Herberg spoke with him, he hadn’t completely made up his mind on who he was going to vote for in November. He said he was leaning towards Trump.

“As a Republican, I think Trump and I have more policy agreements than I do and would with Biden, so a lot of it just comes down to policy,” says Fisher, who would like to see more pro-life legislation, progress on border security and immigration reform.

But Fisher is critical of how the president has handled the response to COVID-19 pandemic.

“I don’t think he was a great moral leader as far as setting an example by wearing masks and by bringing America together against this pandemic,” says Fisher. “I don’t want to compare a pandemic to 9/11 because obviously they’re pretty different. But they’re both national tragedies, and one sparked tremendous national unity, the other, the Coronavirus, seems to have pretty much done the opposite.”

Click on the player to hear University of Michigan College Republicans Chairman Ryan Fisher on the coming election.

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  • Laura Herberg
    Laura Herberg is a Reporter for 101.9 WDET, telling the stories about people inhabiting the Detroit region and the issues that affect us here.