Detroit Poet jessica Care moore On Protecting Women’s Bodies

“We Want Our Bodies Back” author turns to social media to connect in a time of imposed isolation.

Detroit poet jessica Care moore is a force in the world of poetry and storytelling. Now, she has a new book about the experiences of black women in America.

Sandra Bland “reminded me of myself. She reminded me of so many of my friends when you’re pulled over by the cops.” – jessica Care moore, poet

The author has had a slate of planned events around the release of her book canceled, including those scheduled for this week in Detroit. She is forging ahead despite the cancelations, taking to social media to celebrate her work and connect with the community she has cultivated.

Listen: Author, jessica Care moore, talks new book and cultivating creativity during a crisis. 


jessica Care mooreDetroit-based poet and author of the new book “We Want Our Bodies Back”, says as a self-employed person dependent on community for work, the current health crisis is particularly de-stabilizing.

“Everything I do is about the opposite of social distancing,” says moore. She says by holding an event on Instagram Live she hopes to hold space and give energy to people in this time of isolation. 

On her forthcoming book, “We Want Our Bodies Back,” moore says the work is dedicated to Sandra Bland.

“She reminded me of myself. She reminded me of so many of my friends when you’re pulled over by the cops,” says moore. She adds that the book addresses ideas of healing and frustration as well as community and self-empowerment. 


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