Metro Detroit Concerts: The Blitzers, MotorKam, Friends of Dennis Wilson Release Parties

WDET’s Jeff Milo picks local concerts and shows to check out in southeast Michigan the weekend of Jan. 31 to Feb. 1, 2020.

Photo via Trevor Naud
Photo via Trevor Naud

Welcome to “Milo Minute,” the 60 seconds (or thereabouts) you need to find a local show or fest to attend this weekend. And we mean ‘local.’

Longtime Detroit music journalist Jeff Milo has been plugging ears into the Detroit scene for years with his prolific Deep Cutz blog and his YouTube series, “The Milo Show.” Here, he gives us his rundown for what music to catch this weekend that isn’t… uh… playing Little Caesars Arena, if you catch our vibe.


Click on the player to hear Jeff Milo highlight his top local shows for the weekend.

Friday, January 31

Sonic Blizzard 2 at the Tangent Gallery

What: This is the 2nd annual ‘Sonic Blizzard’ where we can all fortify ourselves against what always tends to be a brutally cold season here in Michigan.

Who’s playing: The Bedroom Light Show will be providing some visual accouterments for the performances, and artists from as close as Ann Arbor, and as far away as Berlin, will be performing, with groups like Violet Sol and Sham Kurd. We also have Detroit-area artists like Asklepius and Cye Pie and Ya Homies.

Sounds like: Cye Pie live in Studio A at WDET


The Blitzers EP Release Show at the Loving Touch

What: The Blitzers have a new EP that they’re putting out, “Noble Rot.”

Who’s playing: The Blitzers, The Savage Seven and Spaceskull.

Sounds like: The Blitzers, “Problems


Saturday, February 1

MotorKam’s Album Release Party at Planet Ant

What: MotorKam’s album, “YGMFU,” is out this weekend and the party is Saturday at Ant Hall.

Who’s playing: I first caught up with MotorKam, who’s name is Kameron, in fact, with a K, about two and a half years ago, when he was breaking out on the Detroit scene. As MotorKam, working early on in Assemble Sound, he was melding funk to techno, with much exuberance. He’ll be joined by The Lasso, Masquenada and J House. 

Sounds like: MotorKam’s “Old Pictures, New Frames.”


Album Release Party for Friends of Dennis Wilson at Outer Limits Lounge

What: Friends of Dennis Wilson will be celebrating the release of an album they’ve titled Space Maintainer at the Outer Limits Lounge in Hamtramck

Who’s playing: They’ll be joined by Dizzy Hotel and Oblisk.

Sounds like: Friends of Dennis Wilson “Are You There?

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  • Jeff Milo
    Jeff Milo is the host of "MI Local" on 101.9 WDET. He's a longtime music journalist documenting the Michigan scene for 20 years.