Get Your Food Coma On with Metro Detroit’s Ultimate Comfort Foods

Follow Tostada Magazine writer Grace Reyes as she explores the region’s tastiest warm-weather dishes.

For us in the Midwest, it’s the time of year to settle in for the long winter and seek out those warm, doughy and broth-y dishes to get you through the winter.

“Soups, stews, or something that just kind of coats your throat,” Tostada Magazine Founder Serena Maria Daniels says. “Or some of the meatier dishes. [They] kind of distract you from the cold.”

Comfort food is “something that warms your stomach and reminds you of home.” – Grace Reyes, Tostada Magazine

The food journalism website recently released a diverse, must-see list of Metro Detroit’s ultimate comfort foods

Tostada‘s Grace Reyes traveled to Saint Clair Shores, Windsor, Southwest Detroit and further in search of the region’s best cold-weather dishes.

Reyes says, for her, comfort food is “filling, where it kind of tastes like the holiday season. Something that warms your stomach and reminds you of home.” 

Click the player above to hear CultureShift’s Amanda LeClaire talk with Tostada about comfort food around Detroit, and see the full list here.



  • Amanda LeClaire
    Amanda LeClaire is an award-winning host and producer of CultureShift on 101.9 WDET-FM Detroit’s NPR station. She’s a founding producer of WDET’s flagship news talk show Detroit Today, and a former host/reporter for Arizona Public Media. Amanda is also an artist, certified intuitive and energy healer, and professional tarot reader.