Growing Up Undocumented in America

Nestor Gomez shares the trials of growing up undocumented in the United States and walking the long path to citizenship.

WDET presents Season 3 of the Twisted Storytellers Podcast. The podcast features a diverse cast of Detroit area storytellers who perform live to sold-out audiences. This season explores the real-life challenges faced by immigrants and reminds us all what it means to live in a modern day melting pot.

Watching reports of U.S Mexico border coverage strikes a chord with Nester Gomez. It reminds him of his own story of being an undocumented immigrant child in America.

“No kid wants to grow up being an immigrant or a refugee.” he says. “I soon had to face the hardship of having to get used to a life and a country with a language and a culture I knew nothing of. I felt strange and alone.”

Gomez recalls housing anger and resentment toward his mother for taking him from his home.

“I wondered, maybe I would’ve been better off just staying in Guatemala,” he says. 

In Ep. 5 of WDET’s “Twisted Storytellers,” Gomez tells his story about the trials of growing up undocumented in the United States.

Click on the player above to listen to Nester Gomez’ story of growing up undocumented and walking the long path towards citizenship.

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