“Twisted Storytellers” Season 3 Features Immigrant Tales In Modern Day Melting Pot

The seven-episode season, titled “Coming to America,” is hosted by Satori Shakoor and rekindles the meaning of being an American.

Courtesy of Satori Shakoor

From the live stage in Detroit to earbuds everywhere, WDET presents Season 3 of the Twisted Storytellers Podcast. The podcast features a diverse cast of storytellers who performed live at The Wright Museum of African American History and The Arab American National Museum to sold-out audiences. They tell compelling stories of love, loss, redemption and hope in their personal journeys to the shores of the United States.

Curated from the wildly popular Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers show, each episode is hosted by Detroit’s Satori Shakoor. Shakoor is the founder of The Secret Society of Twisted Story Tellers. She is also a former Parliament-Funkadelic singer, stand-up comedian and Moth Mainstage Storyteller.

The seven episode season, titled “Coming to America,” features stories about the modern day melting pot that is the United States.

Twisted Storytellers will rekindle the meaning of being an American and celebrates all the individual immigrants who arrive to make a new life in a country that holds the promise of welcome. It reminds us that we are all more alike than we are different.

Play the full season below.

Ep. 1: “Child Immigrant”

Child immigrant Ali Al Arithy was driven to success by a teacher who said he couldn’t succeed. 

Ep. 2: “The Daughter of Immigrants”

The daughter of immigrants, Shahad Atiya’s American values conflict with her parent’s cultural traditions. She tells the story of how she made difficult life choices.

Ep. 3: “Survivor of the Rwandan Genocide”

Claire Gasamagera, a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide speaks out about the harrowing reality that brought her to America.

Ep. 4: “Daughter of an Illiterate Tejana Mother”

Jane Garcia, The American daughter of an illiterate Tejana mother, navigates life through the foster care system with the help of a social worker.

Ep. 5: “Trials of Growing Up Undocumented”

Dreamer Nestor Gomez shares the trials of growing up undocumented in the United States and his journey to get a green card and attain citizenship.

Ep. 6: “A War Baby Raised in Germany”

Carlos Nielbock, A war baby raised in Germany by his mother, comes to search for his birth father in Detroit and never leaves.

Ep. 7: “To Obtain a Visa to Join Wife and Newborn”

Hamissi Mamba tries to obtain a visa to join his wife and newborn twins in the United States and after two years arrives to start a new life with his family.

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