There’s A Lot Of Buzz Around Detroit Hives’ Urban Bee Farms

Detroit Hives co-founders Timothy Paule and Nicole Lindsey discuss the benefits of local, raw honey.

Annamarie Sysling

Local honey can have many health benefits. Timothy Paule, co-founder of Detroit Hives decided to become a beekeeper after a store clerk offered him local honey to remedy his seasonal cold.

Detroit Hives is an urban bee farm located on Detroit’s Eastside. The farm allows the community to experience honeybees, conservation and their role in our ecosystem.

Paule and his partner Nicole Lindsey work to build bee farms on vacant lots within the community. They want to enhance neighborhoods by teaching the lessons they have learned in their experience with honeybees.

Paule and Lindsey join Detroit Today to discuss the work they do on the farm and how honeybees contribute to our environment.

Click on the player above to hear the conversation.


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