New Podcast Rethinks Advice Column for People of Color

There’s lots of advice out there, but it’s not usually aimed at people of color. A new podcast is changing that.

Advice is everywhere in American society and culture. It’s on the radio, on TV, in magazines and newspapers, and we find it in our daily interactions with people we know and meet. But who is that advice for? When it comes to what we get from media — more often than not  it’s not geared toward people of color. A new podcast from KQED is looking to do something about that.

Tonya Mosley

Truth Be Told debuts today. It’s hosted by a hometown Detroiter, and the first episode is set right here. Detroit Today speaks with Truth Be Told host Tonya Mosley about the project and listeners chime in with thoughts about who they go to for advice, and why. 

Click on the audio player above to hear the conversation.



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