No-Fault Insurance: Republicans Setting Up Showdowns with Gov. Whitmer

A conversation with a Lansing reporter and State Senator about some of the most contentious issues in Lansing right now.

Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system could be getting an overhaul. Last week, Michigan’s Republican controlled legislature passed two bills aimed at making some big changes.

Those in favor of the bills say it could greatly reduce our astronomical insurance premiums by giving drivers more choices for their coverage, but those who are opposed say it would offer no long term savings on insurance rates and would destroy the safety net our current system provides to accident victims.

Jake Neher/WDET

The bills still need to be merged into a single piece of legislation that both chambers can get behind, and Gov. Whitmer has said she will veto the bills in their current form. However, one thing that’s clear is that many people are open to seeing some changes to our current system, which doesn’t provide Michigan drivers with much wiggle room as far as options for auto coverage.

Stephen speaks with Detroit News Lansing political reporter Jonathan Oosting and Republican State Senator Peter Lucido, who supported the auto reform bill that was approved by the Senate. 

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