With the Threat of Asian Carp Growing, Could Eating Them Be the Answer?

Writer Andrew Reeves discusses the trend of invasivorism and what you can do to help stop the spread of Asian carp.

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Courtesy of Andrew Reeves

For well over a decade, Asian carp have threatened the Great Lakes with an invasion that will change the Lakes’ ecosystem forever.

One of the many potential solutions to alleviating the crisis could involve your plans for dinner. 

That’s right, eating invasive species—a method called invasivorism—is a trend that’s growing in the U.S.

But is it a real solution to preventing Asian carp from spreading to the Great Lakes?

CultureShift’s Amanda LeClaire speaks with Andrew Reeves, the author of a new book called  Overrun: Dispatches From The Asian Carp Crisis about how invasivorism works and what people can do to help get rid of invasive fish.

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