The Progressive Underground Show 291 (Takeover Edition): THE STILETTO MONOLOGUES

Tonight’s TPU is a special TAKEOVER EDITION featuring the cast of STILETTO MONOLOGUES

Stiletto Monologues Productions

On this installment of The Progressive Underground, cast members Rene Ingram-Dunham (playwright and Stiletto Monologues creator), Rochelle Darlene, Nerissa Alexandra “Goddess” Giles and Tammy Sanders-Dew from the hit stage production THE STILETTO MONOLOGUES dish on the upcoming “Stiletto Monologues….Strut 2,” happening March 9, 2019 at the Northwest Activity Center as well as feature music tracks that capture the spirit of the show on this special TAKEOVER EDITION. The action happens, tonight, Sunday, March 3, 8-10 pm EST on 101.9 WDET and


Stiletto Monologues is a series of one-woman skits.  Each monologue has a different synopsis.  Some are comedic, others are profoundly thought provoking, some intensely sexual, while another could be tear jerking, but they are all deliciously captivating!  

Each actress will step out onto the stage alone and barefoot with only a bag containing a fabulous pair of stilettos!  Prior to the show, the audience is informed that each monologue is represented by a stiletto in a color which embodies the essence of the story.  After her compelling performance, the monologist reaches into her bag and discloses the color of her stilettos and why this specific color was chosen.  She then slips into the sexy shoes and proudly struts off stage!  As the actress walks off stage, a dancer glides onto the stage performing a dance number to a song chosen for the topic of the monologue.  Some of the songs will be performed by a live singer.  

The show is written, directed and produced by, Rene Ingram-Dunham, who as a young child was inspired by her father, journalist, civil rights activist and radio personality, the late Jim Ingram of Drumbeat Commentary.