Which Detroit Restaurants are Open on Thanksgiving in Detroit?

Highlighting restaurants both casual and upscale that are open this year on Thanksgiving in Detroit.


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If you aren’t cooking this year, you’re most likely asking yourself, “What’s actually open on Thanksgiving this year?”

CultureShift’s Ryan Patrick Hooper speaks with Detroit News Reporter Melody Baetens about which restaurants in Metro Detroit will be open on November 22nd.

Baetens says the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Lions game mean there are actually quite a few options—especially downtown.

“People are in town,” she says. “There’s actually a big variety of restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day. They range the gamut from casual to fine-dining to ‘you better already have your reservation.’”

According to Baetens, this is the most Thanksgiving dining options she can remember.

“People want to go out more,” she says. “People have different styles of celebrating and there’s a market for it.”

For casual dining:

TAP inside MGM Grand Casino

Greektown Casino’s Monroe Market


Texas de Brazil


Apparatus Room in Detroit Foundation Hotel

Caucus Club 


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