The Headwrap Expo is Wrapping Up for a Final Show

The Headwrap expo will host its 6th and final show.

The Headwrap Expo will host it’s 6th and final show in Detroit on October 14th. The expo attracted more than 500 attendees each year to learn about the art of headwrapping and the religious, cultural, and fashion inspirations behind it. Anthropologist and founder Zarinah El-Ameen Naeem spoke with WDET’s Bre’Anna Tinsley about what to expect at the final showing and what will come next. 

It’s ending, but somthing else is beginning. I’ll say it that way. So the expo has had a beautiful run. I mean, it has inpired so many people to open their minds. And so I love that aspect of it. And I want to take it further. 

The Expo will be held on Sunday at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn from noon to 7:30. Tickets are available online