Michigan Voters To Decide Redistricting Proposal in November

State supreme court rejects challenge to Voters Not Politicians proposal.

Michigan voters will decide  who gets to draw the state’s political maps.

The Michigan Supreme Court voted 4-3 in favor of allowing the Voters Not Politicians proposal to appear on the November 2018 ballot. Proposal 2 would create an independent commission to set boundaries for congressional and legislative districts. Right now, the Legislature draws those lines after each U.S. Census.

Voters Not Politicians gathered more than 400,000 voter signatures to put the question on the ballot. Executive Director Katie Fahey says she’s pleased with the court’s ruling.

“We are planning to move full steam ahead on getting Michiganders to understand what an independent citizens redistricting commission means and voting ‘yes’ on Proposal 2,” Fahey says.

Opponents, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, argued the proposal should be rejected because it radically changes the Michigan Constitution. The majority of justices rejected that argument. Chamber officials say they are disappointed, but will abide by the court’s ruling.


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