StoryCorps Detroit Podcast: Not Ready to Die

Roy Sims used his near-death experience to start his non-profit, Art for Hearts.


Detroiter Roy Sims was diagnosed with a serious heart condition that doctors told him would be his demise. 

“It got to the point where I was placed under hospice care. That itself is quite difficult, because the idea there is to accept death, your imminent death.” recalls Roy. 

In this StoryCorps Detroit episode, Sims sits down with his wife Angela and discusses his battle with heart disease and how it inspired him to start his non-profit, Arts for Hearts, in Detroit.


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StoryCorps Detroit is hosted by Sascha Raiyn. This episode was produced by Laura Herberg and mixed by Brandon Woods. The interview featured in this episode was edited by Ziad Buchh and originally recorded by StoryCorps at the Detroit Institute of Arts in the summer of 2017. The StoryCorps Detroit theme music is by Will Sessions.